writing complicated documents sucks.

There is a new and efficient way to write them.

Why is it better?

Fixed template

We think our document template is a great choice.

No longer different documents. Everyone knows what to expect from your document.


Apply Getting-Things-Done methodology on your document.

Never miss anything while filling your document. Go thru all the sections and just fill them up. Cant fill one? your product is half baked.


Get every person of interest on board.

Send your stake holders and people certain sections for them to fill. Need a designer to add a mock or an engineer to fill technical section? no problem.


Download your document right away.

At any point you can download your document as a pdf or html. Send via email or import to google docs. Its all good.

But what about privacy?

We take privacy pretty seriously.
Thats why Nobody but you can see your document, Not even us.

All your document texts are saved encrypted in storage, none readable by anyone but you.
Using your none guessable link you are basically the only one that can read your document.
So dont loose it!

How does it work?

1. Create a new document

Taking our polished templates, create a new custom document for you. No need for registration.

2. Answer the questions

Implementing our Getting things done method on documents, Just answer the presented questions as much as you can. You can attach images and links.

3. Export or send

Done with the document? Just export it to popular formats or send it to a friend for review. Its easy.

What people are saying about us

The service is running smoothly and efficiently to the benefit of my productivity.

Nir Ben Yona Shein @niron

What are you waiting for? get to work!